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Wine & Cheese Pairings: Sparkling White

Wine & Cheese Pairings: Sparkling White

Sovi Sparkling White Paired With A Cheese Board

White wine and cheese is our favorite combination. Our Sparkling White is a pretty versatile white wine when it comes to pairing with cheeses. The blend of the wine is mostly Chenin Blanc, with just a touch of Muscat for some aromatic complexity. Any cheese from fresh to triple cream will work well.

We put together some options that we have been enjoying lately to include in your next spread.

-Humboldt Fog, a soft goat cheese from California with vegetable ash. Goat cheese in an ash rind is a classic that you would find in Loire, France. Loire is also home to Chenin Blanc, so these two are a natural and classic pairing. In this case both the wine and the cheese are from California.

-Vermont Creamery Bijou is another goat cheese that we enjoyed here. We look for goat cheeses with a little bit more richness and flavor for a wine and cheese pairing, and these have that. Their small size is pretty cute too. 

-Honey to balance out all of the zippy acidity that is going on between the goat cheeses and wine

-Olives for some saltiness. Castelvetrano are our go-to.




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