no unnecessary sugars,
no added flavors,

a glass of possibility.


Every great wine starts in the vineyard, and that's where we start too. We partner directly with a multi-generational family-owned winery in Clarksburg, California that practices certified sustainable farming. An often overlooked region, Clarksburg is about 40 miles east of Napa on the Sacramento River Delta. The climate there is perfect for growing characterful grapes: warm sunny days result in beautifully ripe flavors while the cool breezes off the San Pablo Bay help the grapes maintain their naturally crisp acidity.

We work closely with the vineyard manager and winemaker to create rich and expressive wines. Then, we remove the alcohol. Our promise to you is a non-alcoholic wine that does not compromise on flavor or experience.

make a great wine

From decisions in the vineyard during the growing season to how the wine is made in the cellar, our goal is to create a quality wine which, when the alcohol is removed, results in the best possible non-alcoholic wine.

remove the alcohol

We distill the wine at a low temperature in a vacuum to keep as many aromas and flavors as possible. This gently boils off the alcohol, resulting in an alcohol-removed wine.

blend for balance

Next, we blend in a minimal amount of grape juice concentrate to get the exact balance we're looking for. In winemaking terms, think of it like a dosage in Champagne. We do not add any additional sugars, sweeteners or natural or artificial flavors. Only wine and grapes here!

bottle it up

For our sparkling, we add bubbles. Then we fill each can with our alcohol-removed wine and get it out there for you to enjoy.