Sourcing and Winemaking

What's in our wine is just as important as what's not in it

Made with intention

in Northern California Wine Country

We believe that the best NA wines start with quality sourcing and winemaking to create complexity, rather than relying on sugar, added 'natural' or artificial flavors, or other additives. That's why we work directly with conscientious growers to grow our grapes and craft exceptional wines using a low-intervention approach, all before removing the alcohol.

If our NA wine doesn’t pass our high standards—we don’t bottle it.

100% Herbicide-Free Farming

used for all grapes grown on a single estate

Certified sustainably grown grapes from Clarksburg, CA

Rooted in the heart of California's Clarksburg AVA, just 40 miles east of Napa, we partner with Heringer Estates, a multi-generational, family-owned vineyard to sustainably grow and source a distinctive portfolio of grape varieties. These grapes, with their naturally bright acidity are grown to perfection because of the unique microclimate nurtured by the “Delta Breeze”, a local southwest wind that delivers cooler, humid air courtesy of the Pacific Ocean. All grapes are grown 100% herbicide free and meticulously cultivated to create distinctive non-alcoholic wine blends worth savoring. 

The Process

No detail is too small- we're making the decisions every step of the way


We work closely with our partner winemaker to create a rich and expressive wine so that when the alcohol is removed, it results in the best possible non-alcoholic wine.


Most of our wines are blends of several different grape varieties for balanced structure, character and aromas. We also blend in a minimal amount of grape juice concentrate, like a dosage in Champagne. We do not add any additional sugars, sweeteners or natural or artificial flavors.

Alcohol removal

The wine is gently distilled to remove the alcohol. The technology, known as ‘vacuum distillation’ or ‘spinning cone’, boils off the alcohol at a low temperature in a vacuum, aided by centrifugal force. The final product is less than 0.5% ABV.