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Wine & Cheese Pairings: Red Blend

Wine & Cheese Pairings: Red Blend

Sovi Red Blend Paired With A Cheese Board

What's better than wine and cheese, right? We have gathered some things you should include on your next cheese board while sipping on some of our Red Blend

In general, lighter wines pair well with fresh cheeses, while fuller wines pair with richer or aged cheese. Our Red Blend has lots of juicy fruit notes and some oak flavors which go nicely with aged hard cheeses.

Here we chose:

-Cabot Clothbound for an aged cheddar, which is one of our favorites. Any aged cheddar will go nicely, look for ones aged 9-12 months that have some nutty aromas that play well with the oak in the wine.

-Mimolette is a hard cheese from France with a lot of fruity nutty flavors. We have found that it's a true crowd pleaser on a cheese board, and looks great with it's bright orange hue.

-Fig spread or any sort of fruit spread to complement the fruitiness of the wine


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