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Thanksgiving Pairings with NA Wine

Thanksgiving Pairings with NA Wine


We believe that opting for non-alcoholic, whether it's just for one drink or for the entire evening, should be just as fun and satisfying. That's why for Thanksgiving, or any holiday meal, we serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic wines so that guests can choose which they would prefer.



Cooking is always better with a glass of wine in hand, right? But when it comes to Thanksgiving, it's a marathon, not a sprint. If you do plan to enjoy alcohol for the holiday, you don't want to feel like you overconsumed before you even get to the main event. With NA wine you can certainly enjoy rosé all day and be feeling great with the festivities begin.

Our NA Sparkling Rosé is so versatile and a crowd pleaser that you might just find us serving and enjoying it during the day, during appetizers and for the main meal. 



Sparkling White with cheese board

For cocktail hour and hors d'oeuvres, you want something crisp and bright. Many  appetizers are going to be a little salty and a little rich (which it's Thanksgiving after all, so we don't mind!). But you want to make sure you have something that will balance all that while also cleansing your palate before the main course. Champagne, other Sparkling wines, or our NA Sparkling White will fit the bill. The bubbles and lively acidity make the perfect palate cleanser to get you ready for the main meal.

Be sure to pour it into your best Champagne flute or fancy glass!



Red Blend with Thanksgiving meal

A holiday meal isn't complete without a bottle of red wine on the table as well.

There are so many different items on the table at Thanksgiving that you could pair specific wines with. But when it comes down to it, the key components are:

  • the turkey, which is a light meat meaning it could pair well with rich whites, rosé, and lighter reds
  • the richness of all of the other sides like mashed potatoes and stuffing, which need something acidity from a wine to cut through them
  • the cranberries, which work well with a wine that has similar fruit characteristics of light, bright red berry fruit

So, when pairing wines with Thanksgiving, we look for a red wine bright red fruit and lively acidity to pair with the turkey and to balance out the richness of the entire meal, and play off of the cranberry flavor. With regular wine, we often serve Pinot Noir or Beaujolais. 

The flavor profile of our Red Blend reminds us of Beaujolais, so it's a perfect fit for the occasion as your NA option on the table.



Looking to add a couple NA wines to your Thanksgiving mix? All of our wines are available on our website, or check out our Find Us Page for a retailer near you.