Where can I purchase Sovi?

Sovi is available through our website, you can shop here. We are also available in select in-store and online locations across the US and Canada. If you are a retailer, restaurant or bar that wants to sell Sovi, please email us at wholesale@drinksovi.com

What is Sovi?

Sovi is alcohol-removed wine. We start with real wine and then remove the alcohol using a technology called vacuum distillation, where the wine is heated to about 85 degrees to gently boil off the alcohol, while keeping intact the delicate flavors and aromas. You can read more about that here. The final product contains less than 0.5% ABV. We do not add any natural or artificial flavors.

How much alcohol is in Sovi? Is it really non-alcoholic?

Sovi contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume, which according to the FDA (US) means it is a non-alcoholic beverage. The actual alcohol content is 0.3%, tested by ETS, the leading wine analysis lab in Napa.

Is it safe to drink Sovi while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! We recommend that expecting and breastfeeding mothers consult their physician with any concerns about consuming Sovi.

Can people under the age of 21 drink Sovi?

Sovi is less than 0.5% alcohol by volume, which means it is classified as a non-alcoholic beverage in the US. However, laws can vary by state and we do not encourage people under the age of 21 to drink Sovi.

Are you planning on releasing any additional wines?

We have a Sparkling Rosé, Sparkling White, and Red Blend available in cans and a Reserve Red and Chenin Blanc available in bottles. If you have any feedback on our products or if you have other types of wines that you want to see from us, we would love to hear from you! Email us at hello@drinksovi.com.

Who do I contact for a general inquiry?

Drop us a note at hello@drinksovi.com. Our team is available Monday-Friday 10am-5pm PST. As a small company, we aim to respond within 1-2 business days. Thank you for your patience, and we will be in touch soon.


What are the ingredients?

The main ingredient is dealcoholized wine and for some wines we add a minimal amount of grape juice concentrate for balance (a not uncommon addition in winemaking). The grape concentrate adds a small amount of sugar, but we do not add any additional sugars, sweeteners, fruit juices or natural or artificial flavors. Only wine and grapes here!

Just like most wines, Sovi contains sulfites. Sulfites are partially a natural occurrence of the fermentation process and partially added to preserve freshness in the winemaking process.

Where is the wine from?

We partner with grape growers and winemakers in Clarksburg, California, about 40 miles east of Napa on the Sacramento River Delta for all of our current releases. You can read more about that here. The grapes are all certified sustainably grown.

How is it only 25 calories?

Yes that’s right, 25 calories per serving! By comparison, a typical glass of rosé or white wine has 125 calories. Why is Sovi so much lower? When we remove the alcohol, we remove all those alcohol calories! Plus our wine is a dry-style and very low in sugar, which means much fewer calories than other non-alcoholic wines on the market.

Why cans? Are the cans BPA free?

We chose to put some of our NA wines in cans because of their recyclability, convenience and single-serving size. Cans are much more eco-friendly and recyclable than traditional glass wine bottles. We love our cans for everyday enjoyment and bottles for special occasions. 1 can is about 1.5 glasses, so you only have to open what you will drink. Enjoy it right out of a can, or pour it into a glass! We enjoy it both ways!

Our cans are lined with BPA-NI, the standard for canned beverages in California. NI stands for non-intent, and it means that there is no BPA in the manufacturing of the material.

Does Sovi need to be refrigerated?

Unopened wines do not need to be refrigerated but we recommend storing them in cool place. Once opened, please refrigerate to preserve freshness and consume in 1-2 days.

Unlike some wines, Sovi is not meant for aging and is best enjoyed young and fresh!

Is Sovi gluten-free? Vegan?

Yes, Sovi is gluten-free and vegan.


How do I contact customer service?

You can reach us at support@drinksovi.com. Our team is available Monday-Friday 10am-5pm PST. As a small company, we aim to respond within 1-2 business days. Thank you for your patience, and we will be in touch soon.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to all 50 states. We do not ship to the Army Post Office (APO) or Fleet Post Office (FPO). We also do not currently ship internationally.

How much does it cost to ship? What shipping carrier do you use?

We offer free shipping on orders over $40. Orders less than $40 is a flat rate $10 shipping. All subscription orders are always free shipping. Shipments are sent via USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground or Fedex Ground depending on size and location.

When will I receive my order?

Orders typically ship out in 2-3 business days. A shipping confirmation with tracking information will be sent out once your order ships. Transit times to the West Coast are typically 1-3 days after shipment, and to the East Coast 5-8 days. Note that during busy holiday and Dry January periods, these times may be longer.

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns. If there are any issues with your order please contact us immediately at support@drinksovi.com

My order arrived damaged.

Please inspect your order upon receipt and contact us immediately at support@drinksovi.com if the item is damaged so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right.

Can I change or cancel my order?

If you need to change or cancel your order please email support@drinksovi.com as soon as possible with your order number in the subject line and a clear description of what needs to be changed and we will do our best to fulfill the request.