Wine & Cheese Pairings: Sparkling Rosé

Wine & Cheese Pairings: Sparkling Rosé

Julia Littauer Julia Littauer

Sovi Sparkling Rosé Paired With A Cheese & Charcuterie Board

Rosé is a pretty versatile wine when it comes to pairing with cheeses. It can work well with fresh cheeses as well as aged cheeses. This is particularly true for our Sparkling Rosé because it has a lot of depth of flavor as well as zippy acidity. 

Here are some ideas to include in your spread at your next gathering.

-Charcuterie is absolutely delicious with the wine. Prosciutto, speck, jamón, mortadella, spanish-style chorizo, you name it.

-Red Hawk, a washed rind cheese from Cowgirl Creamery. You could go with something a bit more versatile like their Mt. Tam or any other triple cream cheese with a bloomy rind, but with how much flavor is in the wine, we opted for a more intense washed rind. In general, you want to match intensities of the wine and the cheese, neither one should overpower the other.

-Salty nuts. Here we had pistachios but some salted almonds or cashews would be great too. 

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Sparkling Rosé Cans

Sparkling Rosé Cans


NON-ALCOHOLIC WINE Our 2022 vintage Sparkling Rosé is dry, bright and bubbly with notes of strawberries and cream and ruby red grapefruit. Our Sparkling Rosé is made for anytime, anywhere. With food, or without. At lunch with friends, or a backyard happy… read more

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