Weeknight Meals: Sparkling Rosé with Salmon Salad

Weeknight Meals: Sparkling Rosé with Salmon Salad

Julia Littauer Julia Littauer

Weeknight Meals Paired with Sovi

Sparkling Rosé and Salmon Salad

We paired our Sparkling Rosé with 'Fancy Weeknight Salmon Salad' from Julia Turshen's cookbook "Simply Julia" and it was a fantastic combo. If you haven't picked up her cookbook yet, we highly recommend it for some simple and delicious weeknight meal ideas. 

Typically for dinner salads, we go with our Sparkling White to drink. But because of the salmon and mushrooms here that make it a little richer, we opted for the Sparkling Rosé instead. The rosé's richer fruit flavors work well with a fish like salmon. And the wine's bright acidity complement the brightness and acidity of the dressing and arugula.

The salad includes a dressing of EVOO, soy sauce, lemon and tahini tossed with arugula, roasted salmon and mushrooms, pickled shallots, avocado, and almonds. A healthy and satisfying weeknight meal, especially enjoyed with a delicious non-alcoholic wine.


Sparkling Rosé Cans

Sparkling Rosé Cans


NON-ALCOHOLIC WINE Our 2022 vintage Sparkling Rosé is dry, bright and bubbly with notes of strawberries and cream and ruby red grapefruit. Our Sparkling Rosé is made for anytime, anywhere. With food, or without. At lunch with friends, or a backyard happy… read more

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