20 Occasions To Drink Non-Alcoholic Wine

20 Occasions To Drink Non-Alcoholic Wine

A tasty non-alcoholic wine can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Here we have rounded up all of the ways we like to enjoy Sovi.

1. Unwinding at the end of the workday

2. Weeknight family dinners

3. Brunch with friends

4. On a hike while taking in the scenery

5. Happy hour with co-workers

6. Binge watching your newest favorite tv series

7. At the beach

8. By the pool

9. As an aperitif before dinner

10. On a picnic in the park

11. Between glasses of alcoholic wine

12. At a wedding

13. While driving the golf cart

14. While hanging out on a boat

15. After a game of pickleball

16. When you are the DD for the night

17. On a night before an early morning workout session

18. While cooking

19. While gardening

20. At any event where everyone is drinking and you just don't want the alcohol

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